Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology

Beyond our traditional expertise as a Government Solutions provider and supplier of protective gear, systems and equipment, SRI is also focused on the latest in technical advances to serve our customers.

SRI’s strong foundation in training, biochemical systems, security systems and information technology, leads our team to explore the application of new technologies for government and private industries, including artificial intelligence, machine vision, drone and aerial systems, augmented reality, and SaaS platform design.

In addition to those new areas, SRI offers smart trailers, customized to individual needs to allow customers to mobilize a variety of operations.

High-Tech Security Trailers & Solutions from IoT Right

Smart trailers can be any type of trailer, from flatbed to reefer — what makes it “smart” is the integrated IoT technology that provides insights into the status of the truck and its cargo. A smart trailer is loaded with sophisticated sensors, which can collectively measure a wide array of features, including mileage, temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration. Some smart trailers push real-time data to a platform or the cloud, while others report data at regular intervals, or store it in logs to be accessed later.

Security Drones from IoT Right

Drones are an emerging form of new IoT devices, providing aerial network connectivity capabilities. Intelligent drones with cognitive computing skills need the capability to automatically recognize and track objects to free users from the tedious task of controlling them, all of which must be performed within the power-constrained environment of a Li-Po battery.

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