SRI Announces Series of Major Upgrades to its G4Professionals Marketplace


Strategic Response Initiatives (SRI), a designated Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), is in the process of updating and enhancing its G4Professionals Marketplace (G4Pro). This online e-procurement platform provides e-procurement and supplier connectivity services to New York State (NYS) agencies, authorities, counties, municipalities and other New York State-based entities.

Among the key upgrades to the Cloud-based e-procurement platform is a dynamic new user interface based on the G4Pro “Product Streaming” model, making it the only SDVOSB e-procurement platform offering this capability. The Tile-based design is similar to what is found on many streaming media platforms, will support dedicated product categories, allowing the site to more tightly conform to NYS government, commercial customer and supplier needs.

G4Pro Marketplace, which offers upgraded security and data protection across the platform, has also added enhanced purchase manager oversight capabilities. The new Administrator Approval Queue feature allows Administrators to approve purchasing and set purchase limits for their procurement personnel.

Additional upgrades and enhancements scheduled for rollout during 2020 include:

  • G4Pro Hosted Catalogs — Provides a customized, more attractive shopping experience that conforms to customers’ e-procurement needs. Catalogs are added to buyers’ customized solution and can offer as few or as many product SKUs as needed to satisfy SDVOB spending requirements.
  • Hosted Catalog with Buyer Punchout — This allows buyers to punchout to any catalog via their electronic purchasing systems. This represents a major e-procurement advantage. Contract and market baskets can be created quickly and easily to accommodate any size procurement opportunity.
  • Links to Hosted Catalogs — As customer data is collected from browsing history and profile information, G4Pro will have the ability to display Tiles based on filters such as item popularity, availability, browsing history and other product recommendation aspects of “Product Streaming.”
  • Cross-Vendor Search — A powerful new search feature will allow buyers to easily find items across a variety of hosted catalogs instead of searching each individually. A cross-catalog ordering capability will enable streamlined ordering across e-catalogs.
  • Customer Watchlist — This watchlist will consist of a “save for later” function within the hosted catalog module, allowing customers to save items in a list for later review/purchase.
  • Personalization Functionality — Derived from G4Pro Marketplace customer activities. Product recommendations will stream dynamically to customers offering a truly personalized buying experience. G4Pro will offer meaningful product recommendations based on hosted catalog interaction, watchlist and cross-catalog browsing actions.

“SRI is dedicated to providing streamlined, automated and customized electronic procurement system capabilities to our NYS customers looking to capitalize on a modern purchasing experience and to achieve their diversity spending goals,” explains Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Domenici, founder of SRI. “These ongoing updates and enhancements show our commitment to constantly updating the G4Pro platform and adding innovative features to support the evolution of the market and the diverse needs of our customers.”

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About G4Pro Marketplace
G4pro is building an advanced online e-procurement system that currently provides over 1 million lines of equipment ranging from industrial, emergency/domestic response equipment, law enforcement and safety gear to all clients through a virtual environment. G4Pro is a One-Stop Supply, Integrated Ordering and Delivery System. The G4Pro goal is simple and straightforward: provide a robust online e-procurement marketplace for local, county, and state agencies, authorities and others to meet their daily procurement and operational equipment needs.

About Strategic Response Initiatives (SRI)
Based in Saratoga Springs, New York, Strategic Response Initiatives (SRI) is a designated Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides e-procurement and supplier connectivity services to New York State (NYS) agencies, authorities, municipalities and other New York State-based entities.

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